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Meowch is the brain-child of me, Katy Cone. Basically I’m obsessed with my cats and I love making stuff. Making anything that I can possibly make. If it’s not sold I’ll make it.


Any time I meet someone new, the conversation sounds something like – “This is my girlfriend Brittany, and these are my two cats! Want to hear a great story? I have one. Or seven.”


When Bear was a baby, I let him outside when I got home from work sometimes. This one day, I was STARVING hungry, and I put a piece of salmon on the stove. Two minutes after letting Bear out, and putting that salmon on the stove, I went to check on Bear and there he was. At the top of a 100 foot tree. Crying. In the near dark.

So what do I do? I run to get the tallest ladder I have. I realize I’m shaking because of the hunger, and suddenly remember salmon is cooking unattended in the house. I run back to the house, grab the basically raw salmon from the stove, and shove it in my mouth with my bare hands. I climb to the top of the ladder and still can’t reach him. He starts sniffing the air… he smells my salmon fingers! I coaxed him down a few branches with the wonderful odor of salmon fingers, and was finally able to reach him. Oh, Bear.

This is Bear.


He’s a Wild man. Think of him as an explorer adventurer. His favorite song is Amazing Grace… I guess he found religion somewhere along the line? When he’s crying in the car on the way to the vet, all I have to do is sing his favorite song, and his cries turn to purrs. He tends to catch birds and then think to himself “I’m going to bring this bird inside and we can finish killing it together”. He’s my shadow, and prefers to do everything with me. Even shower. Yes, he gets IN the shower even if he’s getting wet. He plays during the day, but at night when no one is watching, he climbs on belly and passes out. Bear and Pants love each other, but have a hard time cuddling. They start cuddling, and then let’s say Pants starts to bathe Bear. Bear then wants to bathe Pants in return, but they can’t both “be on top”. They fight for the bath-giver position until they are really fighting, and have to give up on cuddling.

This is Pants.

398908_10200429072523228_1069369993_n (1)

Pants and her siblings (including a cross-eyed orange brother) were abandoned under a log. She was so tiny when I adopted her, she had to be bottle fed. She’s is a quiet serial killer- who doesn’t leave a trail. I find her with dead animals outside, and no sign of a struggle. I think she might be sitting on them and suffocating them. Pants is a large gal. 16 lbs right now, though we are working on bringing that down. She does NOT want to diet. She’s a very serious lap cat who loves cuddles and kisses. She will take that as far as climbing under my shirt and popping her head out at the neck, so we are essentially both wearing my shirt together. Her favorite song is the theme from The Lion King… “Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba…”

Bio of Katy.

Bear – Katy is my mom.

Pants – Katy is the first thing I can remember in my life. She went to music school and played the guitar for me.

Bear: I was born to be in front of the camera. I wasn’t subtle in my hints- When my mom plays “I’m too sexy I did my best ‘catwalk’ and no one listened. I lay on the couch with a come hither look in my eyes and still nothing.” So then I tore up the couch. Destroyed it. AND finally I had my moment.

Tell the story of the first meowch…

Bear tore our real couch up. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we made a little mini couch for Bear? And guess what? He loved it. So much that he still won’t scratch his OWN couch. It’s pristine b/c well he’s the boss and it’s his favorite piece of furniture. And immediately jumped on it and slept on it. Way cooler and make it look better? So that’s when I really went to work.


Talk about the handmade nature

Talk about the materials and quality

Talk about the lack of toxicity.

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