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What is a Meowch?

You send in a picture of your couch, and a miniature version will be replicated as closely as possible. Most couches are easy enough to match, but some might require time to find an appropriate match. Please note that it’s almost impossible to match patterned fabric perfectly. All attempts will be made to match the pattern as closely as possible. Meowches are priced to keep cost down as much as possible while still retaining the highest quality. If you wish to have the exact pattern duplicated, it might be possible to arrange, but will require an extra cost as it will have to be printed by a third party.

What materials are used to make a meowch?

Meowches are framed with solid pine wood. White Birch plywood (non-toxic from a local Somerville, MA company) is used for the seat support. Non-toxic foam is used in Meowch arms. Polyester stuffing is used in the base as well as in the cushions. In places that cannot be sewn, iron-on sewing tape or non-toxic fabric glue may be used. Fabrics vary depending on your Meowch choice.

How much weight can a Meowch support?

Plenty. There are six solid pine supports across the length.

Can I order a Meowch in a larger or smaller size?

There are limitations, but you probably can. email and we can discuss options.

How heavy is a Meowch?

Most Meowches are between 16 and 20 lbs.

Can you make other types of cat furniture?

Maybe! Send an email to and we can talk about it.

I have a futon, recliner, sleeper, or some other complicated couch. Can you make a Replica of it?

Maybe! email and give me details of your particular couch. I’m probably up for the challenge.

Do you use genuine leather?

No – I use vinyl faux-leather. If you truly want genuine leather, it can be arranged but will be a significant cost.

I need a repair - what should I do?

Email and we can setup a plan.

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